My inspiration for creating TGE (Tuan Gang Entertainment)  was my uncle  Tuan passing in 2017,it had a drastic effect on my life. In turn I realized at a young age that I wanted different in m y community, so I decided to make one. I  would like to say my genre in music is hip/hop so as a hip hop Artist/ Entrepreneur /Community leader my greatest goal or ambition is to build and generate an international business. Create resources for not only our community but our city/ state/country and eventually the world! Some inspirations of mine include J Cole ,Trathetruth, Zero, Nas, Dave East, Don Q , Gherbo and Beanie Siegal. In my mind I acknowledge that failure is not and option and my advice to anybody out there with a goal if something does not work out in your favor try another rout. In reflection to self (no matter how many times I got knocked down I always found a way to get back up! Rap is my passion so I took it head on.



The reason I decided to join TGE  was because my uncle he was the first person to introduce me to music, as a kid most of my influences came from Houston Texas. I felt like there was no better time then now 20/20 to start my journey. I would like to be considered a hip/hop artist, my intentions on joining TGE  is to become not only a successful recording artist but a positive role modle in my community. I don't have any favorites when it come's  to inspirations im just trying to find my place in the world right now. If I had to give any advice love your self or practice self love ,have confidence in what you do and edify yourself just reflecting on my personal mistakes


My journey started 2 years ago however I use to freestyle all the time in my early adolescence lets say 11/12.I wrote my first song at the age of 10 that was actually when I started taking music serious. I was more inspired because when I  use to perform back then people told me I could actually go far. I would like to consider myself a hip-hop/rap artist, My goals are to boost  my  team up knowing we building a brand from the ground up. We are a family and my number one goal is to make sure that before im done the whole world will know who TGE is. I  joined TGE TO assist my cousin (TGE.Truth)  I was aware of the project long before it was established seeing my cousin push his brand motivated me to do more. 


I was born in Houston Texas, since I was a kid growing up listening to artist like the great James Brown, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie ect… I think I took my passion for music more seriously, in middle school when I  was told I wouldn't amount to anything or I wasn't good enough. Knowing that I could sing and later on learned how to rap I knew it was only a matter of time. I  am a hip hop/ R&B Artist that would like to use my talents and attributes to motivate and uplift the community to see all aspects of life for what it is ,good bad and make the best of it  show them that it is possible to build your own positive path in life. The reason for joining (TGE) is simple to be a voice and example to the next generation and to bring vision life and music together. I inspire to work with artist like  Busta  Rymes, Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, Outcast, Bone- thugs-Harmony just to name a few. I know what its like to be fortunate and unfortunate I am more aware then your average person.


I  was born in a small town in Michigan named Saginaw, I grew up between there Flint ,Lansing and mainly Detroit. In my early adolescence I spent most of my time writing poetry. Do to the circumstances of my environment I utilized my gifts and talents through creative expression by channeling my rough emotions through arts ie … Marching band school chior and begin to write music. I wrote my first song at the age of 13 and was inspired by artist like Michael  Jackson , Tupac Shakur, Biggie, TLC, Whitney Houston ect….. I don't believe in titles however I would like to say I am an artist  that makes hip-hop/R&B/pop music that inspire on utilizing my greatest gifts and talents to cultivate and uplift my community by building awareness through creative expression generating the information through my music along side my brothers/sisters in the (TGE) movement. The only advice I have for anybody with a dream or ambition as big as mine is actually a quote that states (Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land above the stars)